LFLY – Lyon-Bron Airport

Welcome to France’s capital of gastronomy ! We are pleased to bring forward Lyon-Bron, which has been for a long time the main commercial airport in Lyon before Lyon–Saint-Exupéry inauguration in 1975. The million of passenger is reached in 1972, with almost ten thousands departures and arrivals each year. Lyon-Bron is nowadays one of the […]

LFTH – Toulon-Hyères Airport

AzurPoly is proud to present Toulon-Hyères Airport, located near Toulon on the French Riviera. The airport has mixed commercial and military uses since 1967. Numerous commercial flights across Europe are serving the commercial airport during the summer season, while French navy squadrons are based on the military part. Directly at the edge of the Meditteranean […]

LFOU – Cholet le Pontreau

Le Pontreau (OACI code: LFOU) is a small civil airfield located in Cholet, northwest of France. Fitted with a 1380 meters paved runway and a 1030 meters grass runway, it is used for both commercial activities and recreational aviation. Several flying clubs are based on the airfield. With its direct proximity with the Atlantic Ocean, […]