If you are experiencing any issue with one of our products, please ensure you first read documentation. All features included (or not) in our aircrafts are described in the manuals. Your issue may be a normal behaviour explained in the documentation. Please ensure you installed latest available version of the incriminated product.

If you did not find your answer from the documentation, please contact us via email. You can also reach us on our Discord server. Writing complaints on public forums or online stores will not help, as we cannot track all messages left on each page referencing our products.

Common issues

  • Flight model set as “legacy” instead of “modern” in general options → flight model.
  • Flight assistant enabled.
  • Incorrect hardware setting (joystick, etc).
  • If you have black avionics screens, try restarting the flight and reinstalling the aircraft.
  • Engines shutting down when going to options menu is a known issue that can be caused by your controller.

Known issues

Those issues are acknowledged and will be fixed in future updates.

OV-10 Bronco:

  • Landing distance is not realistic in some conditions.

C-160 Transall:

  • Fuel disappearing after fuel transfer with A tank valve opened.

TB-30 Epsilon:


Fouga Magister:



  • EFB autopilot V/S mode not working.

Reporting a CTD

If you have repetitive sim crash / CTD when using one of our products, before contacting us:

  • Ensure you installed the latest version available.
  • If your crashing issue happens with various aircraft, check this guide.
  • Try to reproduce the issue without third-party add-ons installed (scenery, aircraft, mod).
  • Try running your sim without any external hardware connected.