LFOU – Cholet le Pontreau

Le Pontreau (OACI code: LFOU) is a small civil airfield located in Cholet, northwest of France.

Fitted with a 1380 meters paved runway and a 1030 meters grass runway, it is used for both commercial activities and recreational aviation. Several flying clubs are based on the airfield.

With its direct proximity with the Atlantic Ocean, Cholet is the perfect starting point for a leisure flight above the coast !

Default airfield has been completely redesigned and features the following:

  • All airport buildings with high-quality textures.
  • Improved runway terraforming.
  • Custom ground textures.
  • Vicinity landmarks: Sacré-Coeur, water towers, farm…
  • Many details within the scenery to enhance immersion.

You can find the scenery on SimMarket or in-game on the Microsoft Marketplace.


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Nice review of the scenery (French):

Cholet is our first scenery out, and we are proud to announce that new exciting projects are coming soon. Stay tuned !

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