LFTH – Toulon-Hyères Airport

AzurPoly is proud to present Toulon-Hyères Airport, located near Toulon on the French Riviera. The airport has mixed commercial and military uses since 1967. Numerous commercial flights across Europe are serving the commercial airport during the summer season, while French navy squadrons are based on the military part.

Directly at the edge of the Meditteranean sea, Hyères is the perfect airport for a flight in an amazing setting. This scenery can be combined with our free “Iles d’Or” package to add a special touch to the surrounding islands.


  • Detailed buildings with PBR materials, developed using plenty of photographs.
  • Custom high-quality ground textures.
  • Smart use of LODs for performance optimization.
  • Static aircrafts for a lively airport.
  • Custom vegetation.

You can find the scenery on SimMarket or in-game on the Microsoft Marketplace.

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3 thoughts on “LFTH – Toulon-Hyères Airport

  1. Très bel aéroport, j’ai vécu autour de cet aéroport toute ma vie cela fait plaisir de le voir dans fs2020. Par contre pas de SID ni de STAR.
    Bravo à vous, j’attend LFTF avec impatience.

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